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Of all the places I’ve been (not so many, after all…) it still strikes me how a few of these are still so deeply burnt onto my memories and how, to this day, they are still so strongly connected to who I was back then and to who I am now.

This landscape, for instance, was nothing but a test shot as I took it just to try a new camera at the time. Scenery was quite ordinary, however, something that never really got as much as my attention as it should have, which is surely something I regret now as there was good potential for some finer studies…

What really gets me is how much of what I was at the time surfaced into this picture and it makes me wonder about how much of what I am today can surface in my photography…

I am probably the only one who knows exactly where this photo was taken, what was going when it was taken and how much of what I was back then has changed up to now.

That’s just to say, how personal photos can be and how much they can say about who took them; This is just one of the places representing the deep and far reaching experiences that have made me what I am today.

 – Somewhere, sometime back in 2011