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Hi, I am Salvatore De Cicco and I have a bit of a thing for photography.

Salvatore De Cicco: Photography in London

Photography has been a patient and silent companion in my life for quite a long time. Although I’ve been hired for professional photo shoots in a few occasions, I consider this as a very personal constant project devoted to share a unique document of life as it unravels before my eyes. Some sort of personal diary, if you will.

Salvatore De Cicco - Self Portrait

The Watch - Salvatore Photography


I believe we all have our own unique way of interpreting what we see and what it means to us -real time- as we experience life; I’ve always been fascinated by this way of interpretation that translates into substantial differences to what we focus on and how we construct a frame in our minds without even thinking about it.

A personal take

To me photography is a means to show what’s my personal experience with the world around me, a playground for my eyes and my mind to establish visual connections and cues to unfold a story and maybe “strike a chord” with the viewer, as like as a musician would try to do with their audience.

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