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Salvatore De Cicco - Pure

Pure – Minimalistic Photography Award

A detail of one of the lava rocks at a geothermal area near near Grindavík,…
Flow: long exposure test #2

Long exposure photography

For quite a long time I've been interested in long exposure photography but never really…
Places that made us who we are

Places that made us what we are

Of all the places I've been (not so many, after all...) it still strikes me…
Commuters in Brussels
Stranger, as we all are
Kodak Tri-x 400iso pushed to 1600
Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs exhibition in London
Domenico Angarano, Long Story Short
Andreas Gursky Exhibition at Hayward Gallery
Black, White & Red: a concept of simplicity

Hi, I am Salvatore De Cicco and I have a bit of a thing for photography.

Salvatore De Cicco: Photography in London

Photography has been a patient and silent companion in my life for quite a long time. Although I’ve been hired for professional photo shoots in a few occasions, I consider this as a very personal constant project devoted to share a unique document of life as it unravels before my eyes. Some sort of personal diary, if you will.

Salvatore De Cicco - Self Portrait

The Watch - Salvatore Photography


I believe we all have our own unique way of interpreting what we see and what it means to us -real time- as we experience life; I’ve always been fascinated by this way of interpretation that translates into substantial differences to what we focus on and how we construct a frame in our minds without even thinking about it.

A personal take

To me photography is a means to show what’s my personal experience with the world around me, a playground for my eyes and my mind to establish visual connections and cues to unfold a story and maybe “strike a chord” with the viewer, as like as a musician would try to do with their audience.

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If you would like to use or reproduce this content for commercial, editorial or personal purposes feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to get back to you and come to an agreement that can work for us both.


Professional C-Type photographic archival prints are available for photos displayed here; Prints will be personally inspected, signed and certified.


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