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Domenico Angarano, Long Story Short

By March 31, 2018August 5th, 2018Photography

Domenico Angarano is a gifted musician and composer originally from Naples, Italy and currently based in London, UK.

I had the privilege to be at Muxima¬†for a preview of his new album coming out soon: “Long Story Short” (event page here:

His new project is an expression of southern Italian folk music meeting Indian harmonies and rhythms, enhancing deep cultural and human connections established through history and¬†bringing them all back with a clever reinterpretation and a style that won’t fail to surprise.

Voice : Angela Luzi
Percussions : Camilo Tirado
Baritone and soprano sax : Tamar Osborne
Guitar : Vincenzo Lamagna
Bass : Domenico Angarano

Make sure you follow Domenico Angarano on Twitter to know about his upcoming projects. Some photos from Long Story Short pre-release gig here: