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Andreas Gursky Exhibition at Hayward Gallery

By March 28, 2018August 22nd, 2018Photography

If you’re into photography these days you may probably have heard of Andreas Gursky. He caught a strong media attention for having sold the world’s most expensive photo, repeatedly, a few years ago.

One of the things I particularly like about his photography is the use of the human element as a part of a bigger pattern without losing the story-telling potential that each individual holds in his works.

The huge scale of his prints forces the viewer to look at them from afar at first, then creating a sense of wonder and curiosity while getting closer and closer to unravel stories unfolding all at the same time within the framed scene. It’s like watching a film in the 4th dimension where you can move within the timeline and decide what to watch first and how to unravel the story at your own pace.

Detail from the Column of Marcus Aurelius, in Piazza Colonna, Rome, Italy.

Detail from the Column of Marcus Aurelius, in Piazza Colonna, Rome, Italy. (Wikipedia)

It’s inspiring to see how photography can be used to picture not just one specific moment in time but to illustrate a wider timeframe; In a way, Gursky’s works reminded me of the Roman bas-reliefs where, despite of the limited media, there was not just a 3 dimensionality in them but also an extended narrative.  Something that looks like an intricate pattern from a certain distance will make more and more sense as you get closer and closer. That’s something I would define a “visual magnetism”.

I took a few photos during my visit at Gursky’s exhibition in Southbank a few days ago (I hope I’m not infringing any copyrights) posted below; Please note, these are not available for prints being obviously a reproduction of someone else’s copyrighted work I don’t intend to make any earnings from them.

Just sharing my personal take on the exhibition space and Gursky’s stunning work.

Andreas Gursky exhibition is hosted by Hayward Gallery in Southbank Centre from 25 Jan 2018 to 22 Apr 2018. More details here:

Check out Andreas Gursky website here