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I have been wondering if I could transmit the intensity of an idea with the simplest mix of colours and geometries. We are complex beings capable of deep introspection and multifaceted expressions but our complexity is based on basic rules that build up with our experience as we grow and become who we are: Black, White & Red.

I still remember some dreams I had when I was just months old from within my cradle and they were made of simple shapes and primary colours – maybe just about all that I could make up with my mind at the time, but those dreams have always been a reference and a reminder that there’s no need to over-complicate things to convey a message.

These works date back to more than a decade ago – a few years ago they were exhibited for a month at Digitas LBi space in London, curated by Elisa de Martini.

Original Series: BWR (2005 – 2006)

Later Editions & Specials (2005 – 2006)