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Kodak Tri-x 400iso pushed to 1600

By April 8, 2018April 25th, 2019Photography

In my journey with film photography so far I’ve had the chance to test both IlfordĀ  HP5 Plus 400 iso and Kodak Tri-x 400 iso.

At first I was impressed with the results on HP5 400, although they lacked a bit of contrast for my taste – also, some labs only use C41 developer so they’ll have to send it to other labs – maybe make sure your lab will develop it before buying.

After reading a bit more about black and white films, I decided to try the celebrated Tri-x by Kodak and I must say I liked the results although I could have done with some more pungent contrasts so here I am testing the same film but this time pushing it to 1600 iso.

Since I was planning on shooting mainly outdoors, I also decided to use a yellow filter in order to have some darker skies – it didn’t turn out to be as effective as I though, I’ll have to play more with it or go with a stronger orange filter which should also help with skin tones.

A few photos of my first Tri-x 400 pushed to 1600 roll below, shots were taken between London, UK and Bangkok, Thailand.